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PROMISE PRO F9S Fingertip Oximeter

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Ideal for monitoring blood oxygen saturation in home isolation and recovery from COVID19 infection.

Batteries are included.

The PROMISE PRO F9S finger oximeter is a non-invasive on-site monitoring device for measuring our body's oxygen saturation and heart rate, through which we can monitor the body's oxygen supply status and prevent the risk of hypoxia.

It is widely used in home care, hospitals, clinics, health centers, high altitude areas, sports (it is recommended to use it before or after sports), etc.

Device Features:

  • AAA batteries are included
  • Anti-scratch front and OLED screen technology
  • 6 measurement modes Brightness, sound and notification settings menu
  • Anti-interference, low dissipation (<0.3%)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Auto switch-off


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